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So this is how I easily wash my makeup brushes in less than five minutes. You need:

Any kind of soap, I don’t use any fancy cleansing product, just simple baby shampoo from the drugstore
A bowl filled with water (Water is valuable, so save it) 
A towel
A brush cleaning pad. I only use a small brush cleaning pad which works great.
And your dirty brushes !
Take the cleansing brush pad and place it in the bowl of water. You can totally skip using this and use your hands, the pad only makes the whole cleaning process so much faster.
Wet your brushes and dip it into your cleanser. Then rub your brush on the textured pad in round motions. Wash your brush and rins it really well.
Use your towel to dry the brush a little bit, then let it air dry for a few hours or over night and we’re done.
The water was already so dirty after two brushes … (:
How do you clean your brushes? Let us know.
Thanks for reading!

Brush Cleaning Pad from Royal Care Cosmetics

There are few beauty chores as tedious as washing makeup brushes. Maybe there’s someone out there who enjoys it, to which I say, “Hello, Freak of Nature!” I mean, just kidding. All God’s creatures… etc. We all know we should be washing our makeup brushes, because those tools can harbor some major bacteria, but its just not a chore that seems pertinent, and it’s hard to know exactly how often we are supposed to be doing it. With clothes, it’s easy. Your pants are stretched out? Wash ’em. Your shirt smells? Wash it. With brushes, should you wash after every use? Once a week? Once a month? The internet is no help either. There are a million and two guides explaining how to wash brushes, but there is no consensus on how often they need a cleansing. I did a quick consultation with Dr. Google, and I found out I should be washing my brushes once a month, once a week, spot cleaning after every use AND deep cleaning once a week, literally all the time why aren’t you washing a brush at this very second you gross monster?, and there’s no clear answer because life is full of variables.

Brush Washing

My method is to deep clean all my brushes once a month (Real talk? Sometimes this is more like once every six weeks) and I spot clean my eye makeup brushes after each use, because there’s nothing worse than going to sweep on a pale shadow and finding your brush is already covered in a dark, smoky shade. I use a great spray cleaner by Sephora that thoroughly cleans my brushes, but also dries quickly, so I can turn around and use my newly clean brushes almost immediately. Spot cleaning is super easy – it’s deep cleaning that is a huge pain.

For me, deep cleaning my brushes has always been a chore I dread. Because of my disability, leaning over a sink swirling soapy brushes in my hand gets painful very quickly. I started moving a chair into my bathroom so I could sit and take some strain off my back while I got my brushes all sudsy. Even with that innovation, it was still painful for me to lean over the sink for the 20-30 minutes it took me to get through all of my brushes. I had heard of these mitts that apparently make brush cleaning much easier, but they’re not cheap. Then I saw something on Pinterest that immediately grabbed my attention.

Brush Scrubber Close Up

The pinner described how a simple $3.99 Brush Cleaning Pad from Royal Care Cosmetics could be used to effectively clean makeup brushes. It was basically like the $35 mitt, but in a smaller form, and for a fraction of the price. I figured I could drop $6 on a little makeup experiment without any guilt, so I picked up one of these little scrubbers and gave it a shot.


Not only does it work. It works amazingly well. I wash my brushes as usual, with a little bit of mild soap (I’m currently using one by Bare Minerals, but Dr. Bronner’s or even baby shampoo work perfectly well) and cool water, but instead of swirling the brush in the palm of my hand, I swirl it on the scrubby pad instead. It is amazing and so, so satisfying to see the makeup practically fall off my brushes. Even the brushes that usually take me forever to thoroughly clean are no match for this little tool. Where a deep cleaning session for all my brushes would take me 20-30 minutes, the dreary chore is now complete in 10 or less. The (literally) backbreaking part of my makeup loving life is now not only pain-free, but also kind of cool to complete. The nubby parts of the scrubber really do a great job of gently coaxing all traces of dirt, oil, and old makeup out of my brushes.

I’ve been using this technique to clean my brushes for about three months and I can safely say it’s taken my least favorite part of beauty and made it completely bearable. I mean, it’s not like I’m rejoicing every time I reach the deep cleansing time of the month, but I don’t dread it either. Plus, my poor aching body can finally get a break from the hell I used to put it through just to have a clean foundation brush.

11 Things Every Girl Who Thinks Contouring Is Confusing Can Relate To

Believe it or not, I remember a time before contouring was a thing, but it seems as if it’s been around for a billion years now. Of course, people in the beauty world and drag queens have known about contouring for ages, yet it wasn’t until a few years ago that contouring hit the average makeup consumer. Do we have the Kardashians to thank for that? I don’t know, but I do know that it’s impossible to find a beauty line that doesn’t have some sort of contouring palette, or find a beauty vlogger who hasn’t done dozens of contouring videos. Of all of the beauty phases that have come in gone, contouring has seemed to grow in popularity, not dissipate.

But, uh, I cannot be the only person who doesn’t really get contouring. Like, yes, I understand that the contouring is meant to give the illusion of sharper face definition, and I understand why people see the appeal in it, but every time I even attempt to contour, I either eff it up or lose interest within 30 seconds. Why am I trying to make my nose look chiseled again? I don’t know, y’all. I don’t know.

If contouring confuses the hell out of you, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these 11 things. I think we need a support group.


1. Every time you try to contour your face, things are going okay but then…you overdo it and end up lookin’ like this:

coco montrese orange makeup


2. You’re amazed by people who have the patience to actually even bother contouring their face every…single…day.

kim kardashian

(Okay, we all know Kim hires somebody to do her’s, but still, the rest of y’all do it yourselves…without fail…everyday. What is your life? How do you persevere?)


3. You look at these charts like they’re an effing calculus problem. And, honestly, they might as well be.

highlighting and contouring tips

hangover math


4. You don’t understand why people contour their noses so severely that it ends up looking like a toothpick.

contouring process


5. Looking at this makes you feel exhausted.


Who has the time? Who has the tape?


6. The confusion of seeing some people using foundation for contouring, others using concealer, and others using bronzer, contour palettes…like, can you just decide on one thing to contour with? Please?



7. Hearing about people spending $30+ on highlighter like…



8. Seeing clown face contouring blending into nothing but on point beauty and coming to the conclusion that something darksided occurred.



9. Trying to find out what the real difference between strobbing and contouring is like…

parent trap twins shock


10.  Feeling like an idiot as you watch a billion tutorials and check out a zillion Pinterest charts on contouring and still feel defeated.



11. Low key feeling pampered AF when somebody else contours your face for you though.

afro fluff


Have you tried to contour your face before? Do you think it is pretty easy or difficult? Tell us in the comments!


RC Cosmetics RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender Review

Much has been made of beautyblender original and its ability to transform the way you apply makeup. You’re probably thinking—and so were we before we tried it— “Isn’t it just another makeup sponge?” Amazingly, it is really is just that darn good, which is why it gets a big thumbs up from us!

The RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blenderd91d66e0-0b02-499b-9cb3-93064e1cfafd_Beautyblender-Original-sq.png.ashx is famous for its egg-shaped design and bright pink color (it comes in other colors as well, but the original is bright pink). The difference between the RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender and other sponges is apparent as soon as you first pick it up: It’s remarkably lightweight and soft. Most sponges have a certain degree of “give,” but the beautyblender is so soft that even a light touch causes it to indent, and you can compress it completely in your hand. This texture is the key to its success when it comes to applying makeup.

Where other sponges can have splotchy or streaky application, the RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender’s coverage looks surprisingly natural and uniform, but there is a specific technique you have to use to make this happen. First, it’s recommended to slightly dampen the beautyblender before you use it. The brand says the RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender’s “open cell structure” allows it to fill up with water, which means the sponge is full and won’t absorb makeup.

This isn’t exactly unique, as most sponges—your kitchen sponge, for example—are “open cell” and technically work in this fashion. The “open cell” term just means that a sponge easily absorbs liquids—a “closed cell” wouldn’t absorb moisture (foam insulation is an example of a “closed cell” sponge). The size of these sponge “cells” and smoothness of the material’s surface determines its absorption and how it interacts with your makeup, which is why the rubber material of the RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender works so well. PS: If you are curious, the slight amount of water that is added to the sponge isn’t enough to mess with your sunscreen—it adds no more water than is added from your foundation or other products.

For the best application, we recommend using a liquid or cream foundation (because you have to dampen the sponge), and first putting the foundation on the back of your hand or another surface. Then dip the RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender into the makeup, and apply it to the face, quickly “bouncing” the sponge (this is where the lightweight texture comes in). Since the sponge is so soft and material so smooth, there’s little “resistance” when you bounce on your makeup onto your face—the result of which is a more natural-looking coverage (instead of being left with streaks or lines of demarcation). While this might not be true for everyone, we found using the beautyblender to apply our foundation actually cut the application time in half as we didn’t have to go back and do a ton of blending!

The beautyblender brand recommends replacing the sponge every three months or so with daily use, so it definitely isn’t the least expensive option when it comes to makeup applicators. You can extend that time, however, by cleaning it with a gentle, water-soluble cleanser (you don’t have to use the one beautyblender sells) and allowing it to completely dry before using it again (and the process is very easy). For example, a few of our staffers just use a mild, non-moisturizing foaming cleanser—moisturizing formulas can leave a residue on your sponge that you don’t want! A note—when drying your sponge, we found rolling it gently in a paper towel and letting it air dry worked the best. Avoid twisting or wringing the beautyblender, as the material can easily tear. If you take good care of your RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender, you can probably get a good six months out of it, or perhaps longer.

Overall, we were impressed with the performance of the RC Cosmetics Makeup Pro Blender, and happy that it’s a product that lived up to its claims and exceeded them. If you’ve been considering picking one up, it’s definitely worth it!


Variation from the norm today peeps! 
*Insert exaggerated shock face’ 

I have a little review of a tool I’ve seen floating around on Instagram. 

 brushegg review 
Its called the Brush egg and I picked mine up off of Ebay for £1.39. 

Now the idea of this tool is to get down and deep on your dirty brushes so they come out of the sink so fresh and so clean.  
Shockingly, I have read online people are paying £10 for what is essentially a piece of silicone with some dots and lines. 

The egg shaped tool is available in pink or mint green, I got my grubby hands on the fuscia, natch. 

The bottom of the egg has a little section for two fingers so you can pop your egg on whilst you give your brushes a swirl. 

That sounded more graphic than I intended. 
As you can see the underside of the brush egg has small raised dots at the top and linear grooves for about two thirds of the tool. 
The little knobs *ahem* are intended for your eye brushes and for lathering up your shampoo on the brush. 
It’s the same principle as washing your hair, the better you foam up the better the result. 
The linear grooves are intended to expel all of the dirt and makeup that end up on your brushes without causing any shedding, as we all know shedding is the kiss of death to a makeup brush. 

Now I love a gimmick, I mean c’mon I own more than one selfie stick but this has got to be the most underwhelming make up tool I’ve ever bought. 
And people are raving about them! 

The brushegg does exactly what it proclaims to do but it’s just unnecessary faff. 

Firstly it might just be me but I found the whole sticking on your fingers thing restrictive and irritating. It kept slipping off, it was making my fingers sweat and I could only use one hand. 

Now when you’re holding a brush, running taps on and off, picking up shampoo and not trying to stain the sink, the last thing I need is a wart the size of an avocado stuck on the end of my hand. 
It took me far longer to clean my brushes and I’m not greatly impressed by the results. 

As you can see here, my blusher brush was looking a little bit neglected and needed some love eggs, erm sorry I means brush eggs in her life. 
Well, what a flop. Yes she is clean but a good old hand… Wash would have sorted her out. 

This isn’t even shitty secret santa worthy. The worlds just gone cray, I swear. There is absolutely no need for this product in my opinion. 

 Give it a shout, it will show you how to do it quickly, easily and cheaply. 

Save your money and buy a lottery ticket instead. 
Lots of love

RC Cosmetics 32 Color Lip Gloss Palette Review and Swatches

Hey dearies,

Today I am up with my one and only lip palette. That is none other than RC cosmetics 32 lip gloss palette. Read on to know more about the palette. Enjoy the pics and swatches!

First Row: Starting from left the shade 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 are lipsticks with satin finish. While shade 3 and 5 are lip glosses.

Second Row: Leaving the shade 4 all the rest are lipsticks.

Third Row: Leaving the shade 4 all are lipsticks.

Fourth Row: All are lipsticks and only the 2nd shade has shimmer in it among the 32 shades and it is super pigmented!

Now you can see hardly 2-3 lip pan are glosses all the rest are satin finish lip colors. Now I would love to mention some shades that I think are very much pigmented. They are from 1st row shade no. 4, 6, 7, and 8. From second row the shades are 2, 3, and 7.  From third row 3, 5, 6, 7, 8. From fourth row shades are 2, 5, 7, 8. Rest are medium pigmented.

Here are the lip swatches of two of my favorite shades from the palette.

I brought this palette in 10 dollar offer plus shipping 12.45 dollar. As it was in offer so I can’t resist myself to get it. The palette contains some really nice shades. And not to mention it contains all shades starting from orange, pink, brown , red and even a deep maroon one which is why worth to buy. It is travel friendly as it is sleek so easy to carry while travelling. The shades are mostly satin finish and staying power is 3-4 hours on my lips. It can survive small snacks. It transfers to cups and glasses which little is embarrassing.  I wish the palette comes with a lip brush and a mirror.






Rating: 4/5


My Final Thoughts:

I would definitely say there is nothing so special in it that I would recommend you to buy it. Still if you are a shopaholic one then in offer you can grab one just like I did!

Brush egg Review RC Cosmetics

Brushegg Makeup Brush Deep Cleansing Tool! Not wanting to spend $$ on an oven mitt from Sigma? This if for YOU! $8 & works amazing! #makeup #beautytips

I don’t know that I can put into words the excitement I have over this little $3.99 masterpiece. I am 100% obsessed with the brushegg, like full on love affair. When Krystal, from Beauty By Krystalposted this to her Instagram I was super intrigued and knew that I needed to try it out. I have always been one to just wash my brushes by hand and it would sometimes take for-freaking-ever and sometime last year, some brand who will remain nameless (cough, rhymes with Ligma, cough) came out with a spa glove or some equally weird name and plopped a crazy $$ price tag on it I thought about grabbing it (due to the Youtube hype) for about 30 seconds before deciding that it was a glorified silicone oven mitt that I could grab at Target for under $10 (which I did)… But when presented with this cutie I whipped out my credit card and happily shelled out the $3.99.

The only makeup brush cleansing tool you will ever need! the Brushegg is perfect and SUPER affordable!

The brushegg is used to help with the deep cleaning of your makeup brushes! It’s compact, quick and easy to use. Fits right on your finger for easy scrubbing. Not only is it super affordable but it’s completely effective. You can use whatever soap or brush cleansing solution you choose & it reduces the amount of product that you need. The smaller knobs at the top are used for foaming and lathering. Grooves on the bottom are used to agitate the bristles just enough to release the built up product, dirt, and oils without stripping the bristles.

The smaller section worked amazing on my fan, liner, pencil, and smudge brushes. The larger section was awesome for everything else. This little gadget cut my cleansing time in half, the product was released so much quicker then when I was just using my hands. Everyone should own this, I am in love. You can grab one here for $3.99.